Celebrating Learn A Snow Sport Month

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LASSM Mt. Hood Meadows
January has been proclaimed Learn A Snow Sport Month and Mt. Hood Meadows is offering many affordable packages for New Adventurers trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time. The offer is part of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, a national effort organized by the snow sports industry to get family and friends outside in the winter. The slogan “Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate” is intended to encourage children and adults to ski and snowboard a way to get some exercise outdoors at a time when most people tend to stay inside.

Meadows has the largest ski school in Oregon, with certified professionals and a vast amount of experience in introducing New Adventurers to skiing and snowboarding. The resort’s “Buttercup” beginner chairlift services the gradual terrain where first time lessons are conducted. Meadows also has Mt. Hood’s only enclosed over the conveyer called “The Ballroom Carpet” which gives new adventurers a fun uphill experience. Most ski areas rely on the traditional “rope tow” which tend to wear out beginners being pulled up the hill.

"Snow sports are fun and easier to learn than many people think," said Dave Tragethon, Meadows Executive Director of Communications. "You can burn a lot of calories, meet some terrific people and have an experience that can be shared among friends and family.”

Free Oakley eFrames for New Adventurers at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
As part of Learn A Snow Sport month, all New Adventurers receive a FREE pair of Oakley eFrame goggles in their first lesson. Here are the affordable New Adventure first time lesson packages that Mt. Hood Meadows offers:

New Adventure 3 Time Passport - $99 (age 13 and older)

 Includes three days – lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals each day. First two days include Buttercup beginner lift ticket, third day is an all mountain lift. Any three days, no reservations required.

New Adventure 3 Time Night Passport - $75 (age 13 and older)

 Includes three evenings – 3 – 9 PM lift tickets, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals each day. First two evenings include Buttercup beginner lift ticket, third evening is an all night operating lift. Any three nights (Wednesday – Sunday evenings), no reservations required.

New Adventure One Day Package - $60 at the ski resort / $50 online (age 13 and older)

Includes a Buttercup beginner lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals.
A second two hour lesson can be added for just $10 more.

New Adventure Night Package - $29 (age 13 and older, offered Wednesday – Sunday Evenings)

Includes a Buttercup 3 – 9 PM beginner lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals.

4 Time Learn to Ski or Snowboard - $160 (age 13 and older)

This 4 week program includes an all day lift ticket, ski rental package (skis, boots, poles), and a 2 hour lesson for 4 consecutive weeks offered through weekend middle school, high school and adult programs. January programs kick off January 8 and 9; February programs begin February 5 and 6. The package is also offered through the midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) adult programs. The first two weeks include a ticket for beginner lift only; last two weeks include an all-mountain lift ticket.

Twilight Kids Club $75 (age 4 – 12 ski / age 7 – 12 snowboarding)

Twilight Kids Club is offered Saturdays and Sundays. Parents receive 1 free adult 3pm – close lift ticket for each child enrolled in Twilight Club. Kids are supervised from 3 PM – 7 PM with a two hour on snow lesson offered in between. Dinner is included. Equipment rentals are just $5 for kids in the Club.


Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is an industry initiative organized by Mt. Hood Meadows, the National Ski Areas Association, the Professional Ski Instructors of America-American/Association of Snowboard Instructors, the National Ski Patrol, SnowSports Industries America, numerous state and regional resort associations, industry partners and the snow sports media.
Children and adults are encouraged to learn from a professional instructor. General information about getting ready for a snow sports experience is available at www.skiandsnowboardmonth.org.


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